Escorts in City Railway Colony Karachi

Escorts In City Railway Colony – A Growing Trend

Escorts in Karachi is a well-known brothel situated in the red light area of Karachi. The location has always been a source for complaint from residents as it is close to the Army’s base and the main public school, but the prostitution issue here is not a big issue for the conservative Mafs. The police complain that most of the crimes here are petty offences for which the girls are not charged. They also say that they don’t get many complaints about the safety of the girls working in this establishment. But residents are quick to point out that the brothels have always been a problem, even before the introduction of the City railway Colony.

There are two types of brothels in the Colony, both of them are located in close proximity to each other, but their specific services and levels of exploitation vary. The oldest and the most established one is called as Angara’s Heart. This establishment does the maximum business with European women and is well known for providing well-qualified female employees. But as time passed, other services emerged offering better working conditions and higher pay for the girls working there.

Some of the escort companies advertise their service at Angara’s Heart. They provide all kinds of escort services for both male and female passengers. They arrange car service, travel to other destinations, pick and drop from different locations. There are even some agencies who will take care of the rest of the arrangements for the girls who work from home.

The other agency is called Sapphire’s Place and it is located nearCPZ. This company is good at arranging travels for both parties. It also provides accommodation to the girls while they are on travel. Most of the times, these girls come from rural areas and it is hard for them to find accommodation in the big cities.

The third agency is called Asma’s Place and it is located nearCPZ. The girls here have a good chance to earn more money because this is a place that has a thriving economy. It is not difficult to find a job here either because most of the government jobs are posted here.

Escorts in City Railway Colony is a great job opportunity for the woman with a decent amount of knowledge of the English language. It is a great way to earn more money than the regular job. However, you should know that the women working here have a chance to meet well educated men as well. So, it can be said that this is a very well structured job that has a lot of scope for growth.