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Escorts in Chanesar – Are They Really Safe?

When I was in the initial stages of my relationship with my husband, I had a chance to meet one of my future life partners, Escorts in Karachi. She was from a very affluent background and was very pretty. It was only later, when I understood her father’s position in the family that I realized she was working as an escort in Karachi. Her father was very well known and respected in the community for his impeccable reputation as a community leader. As such, this didn’t surprise me in the least. What did surprise me was that she was one of the very few girls from our locality who didn’t have a boyfriend.

I found it hard to believe that there were so few girls like her in our locality. However, I soon realized that there must be a reason for this. I went to the police station to file a report since I believed that something wasn’t right. I explained my reasons and they told me that most of the girls in Chanesar were married. I asked why and they said that it was because they were not worthy of a boyfriend.

This made me very upset. I then went to the house of the girl I was dating. Once inside, I explained the situation to her father. He told me that he should not worry; all the girls living in Chanesar were either his or her sisters. I asked him what he meant by that and he told me that the girl should not get a boyfriend to escape from home. I was dumbfounded at his statement.

I tried asking close friends and their advice did not help. I then decided to approach Mr. Muhammad Karam, the local mayor. He also told me that all the girls living in Chanesar were either his or her sisters and that none of them were worth a boyfriend. However, this only raised more questions in my head.

The other day, while surfing the net, I came across an international news report about a middle aged girl called Zahara Al-Rashed. She had got married to a man half a century back and was living with her in Chanesar. I asked her about her relationship with her husband and she was happy enough that I visited her house. However, there were no signs of love and she just seemed to be living a carefree life.

So, how can we trust on these so called free and easy girls? We should be careful about whom we really let into our lives. There are good and bad girls out there. Be a smart shopper and choose wisely. Escorts in Chanesar should be chosen carefully.